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Multiple keyboards?

Apr 21, 2016 at 5:19 PM
I am using the MS Chat Pad with my XBOX One controller.
An application I use the controller with, requires me to use the 'escape' key.
However, the Chat Pad k/board doesn't have an escape key.
Does the SharpKeys utility allow me to map an escape key to some other unused key on my Chat Pad?

I'm wondering if the fact the key I'm planning to use doesn't exist on the k/board, it might not be able to do the mapping/swapping.

I suspect that as it's registry tweaks, if I hook up a normal k/board to the PC too temporarily, which does have an escape key, that will work if I configure the mapping and use the normal k/board to press the escape key ... then when selecting the new mapped key, I would press the key I want it assigned to on the other, Chat Pad k/board.

Hope that is clear, and just hoping I can get an answer before I install and try it out.