Open/save functionality to swap keymappings

An import/export functionality that allows people to swap keymappings easier.

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Adding (typing) same key twice gives misleading message

I wanted to disable Num Lock, which is Special E0_45 on my Lenovo laptop. I did not notice that I had already done so and when I clicked "Add", then "Type" and pressed the key I go a dialog which ...

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SharpKeys can't see Alt key on Windows 8

I've just purchased a Samsung ATVI Book 8 and Sharpkeys will not respond when I 'type' the either of the alt keys while trying to reassign them. (I'm a Mac user so I like to switch the control and...

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i uninstalled sharp keys how do i change the changed keys

when i changed my keys with shap keys. I uninstalled it,thinking they would go back to normal but they didnt how do i change them back?

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Keys are configuring wrong

I used SharpKeys to set up my Dell keyboard months ago and all was well. Then I had to reconfigure one key for one task. Now nothing is acting correctly. The Windows key is the Alt, the Alt is the ...

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Need help pleasee

Well I am playing a game and I needed to change the f keys to function how I wanted them. I ended up stuffing them up and I click f3 and it opens up a tab in the game, and I want f3 to open a diffe...

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Num Lock not getting remapped

Hello All. I do not like the Num Lock on my Laptop. I had used Sharpkeys before and used it successfully to disable the Num Lock Key. I then reimaged my unit. Post this, I just cannot disable the ...

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EO_2038 not recognised

Just trying to map key EO_2038 and it isn't recognised. Anyway round this?

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saved the wrong keys!!

Hi, First of all i would like to say i'm a huge idiot, i started messing with this program, not really knowing what it was, and i ended up messing up my f keys, is there anyway i can the original f...

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Calculator button (00_100) not recognized

Calculator button (00_100) not recognized on Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600. This code is also not available in the list of codes.

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