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Fn key on Lenovo S10 Netbook

Sep 2, 2009 at 1:29 PM

I've tried the "type key" button, to determine the code for the Fn-key on my Lenovo S10 (model 20015), but it doesn't return anything.  Can this key be coded?  If so, does anyone know the code or how I can determine the code?  (For example, do I need to try all the 'unknown' codes, or is this a waste of time?)  I'd like to be able to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys at the bottom left.

Thank you in advance,

PS.  SharpKeys has allowed me to swap the up-arrow key with the right-shift-key.  Now I can touch-type and capitalize left-hand letters without accidentally hitting the up-arrow and typing on the line above.  Thank you SharpKeys!