Swap keys, please

Jun 15 at 11:12 AM
if you want swap keys.
do this:

key_x to key_y
key_y to key_x

thats it

well, thats in my understanding "swapping keys" in a perfectly
adequate manner.

i cant understand the statement it would be impossible to swap keys.
because its totaly confusing.
the only thing you can _not _do, and thats whats obviously related to with the "impossiblity to swap keys",
is the direct command in one line to swap keys:

Caps Lock to Left Ctrl ( "swap now, please" )

i think this is a good example how you can make simple things unneccesary complicate.
and im a little angry about it, because i wasted way too much time in getting the
result i wanted.

Oct 5 at 12:46 AM
I'm not sure about being angry but I didn't know it wasn't possible so I've been doing in for a couple of months using this application. I bought a Lenovo Flex 4 that has a really dumb keyboard layout and I switched four key caps (two sets) and used Sharpkeys to swap the functions. It works great and I was shocked to see it "was impossible" since I did it. And I did the same for a client with the same laptop.

My issue is that I need to know what the registry key is that sharpkeys adds to/changes because I had a Windows 10 update reverse the settings and I'd like to save a backup of the registry keys in a file I can easily import again should that happen again.

Can anyone (developer or someone else) tell me where to look in the registry?

Thank you for this application!


Nov 21 at 6:31 PM
Edited Nov 21 at 6:31 PM
I desperately need to swap 2 keys on my keyboard, If I use the method x->y, y->x i'm missing one of the keys, depending of the order of assignment. Could anyone give me an example how it can be achieved please?