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The international key 102 (or 105)

Dec 13, 2015 at 3:37 PM
Hi and thank you for this tool.

I found a very nice and cheap keyboard but which has a strange layout: it has my native portuguese layout but instead of having the 105 keys as used in Europe, it has the 104 of an american keyboard.

It just happens that this key is so essential, in western Europe it maps to the < and > signs, which are obviously of the greatest importance in programming, using the command line, and writing HTML and XML. I don't know about their sales...

Still, I kept the keyboard because it feels and looks nice, and used your tool to map the key for the silly national quoting chars, « and » to the < and > signs.

The only trouble was finding the scan code for this key, because most scan code maps you see on the internet are for the 101-key. I found it in and it's 0x56.

Obviously, I couldn't type the key to see the code, and finding another keyboard was too much trouble.

Maybe you could add a more interesting description to this key on your list. Right now it's called "Unknown: 0x0056 (00_56)".

Perhaps "International 102nd key" or something?