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Scroll-lock problem in browsers

Jul 2, 2014 at 12:19 PM
With special thanks to SharpKey, I have been able to defeat all of the bottom row keys on the left side of the keyboard except the space bar along with the retched INS and CapsLock keys. I have the Scroll Lock key as <CRTL> and INS as my <ALT> keys. This has saved me a world of aggravation.

However, I have noticed something strange lately and don't recall if this has been happening all along or not but I should have seen these symptoms that show up earlier in Excel if it was.

When I am in a browser, the old Scroll-lock function gets be toggled when it should act as <CTRL> key. It prevents me from using <CTRL> C to copy along with all the other <CTRL> controls. If I were to leave the browser, having scroll-lock ON, it messes up my navigation in other programs: Excel, for example. I have to go back into a browser or use OSK.EXE to reset it.

When a browser is not the focus or active, my Scroll-lock behaves as a <CTRL> key as I want it to.

How do I get browsers to realize that I have used my SharpKey program to changed it to <CTRL> instead?

I would appreciate knowing if you have seen this even if you don't have an answer as it will tell me if this is an in-house or out-house problem.