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Map unused key and Ctrl+Break

Apr 23, 2009 at 10:11 PM
First question: I've read on some website (can't find it now), that one can map an unused key using SharpKeys.  I've not found that functionality in the program.  I am using an Acer Aspire 5630 (laptop) with Vista Home Premium; the "PrtSc" key doesn't work.  When I select the "PrtSc" key in SharpKeys, nothing happens.  I assume thats telling me the key is unmapped.  I'd like to map it to function as "PrtSc".  Can one in fact map an unmapped key with SharpKeys?

Second question.  I do a lot of Macro development in Excel 2007 (VBA 6.5).  When one of these Macros runs wild, pressing Ctrl + Break will pause the Macro so one can debug, continue or quit.  This key combination does not function on my keyboard.  I've asked Acer about this issue but have not gotten a response.  I've checked the keyboard mapping with SharpKeys and Ctrl is mapped as "Special:Left Ctrl (00_1D)" as I would expect.  However, Pause/Break is mapped as "Special:Num Lock (00_45) which I would not expect.  And, it does not function as "NumLk". 
So, based on what I've read about the Pause/Break mapping code, it seems I should remap the Pause/Break code to "Unknown:0x0059(00.59)" to make it function as Pause/Break and pause the run away macro.  Does this make sense to you?

Third question:  I've done some registry modifications in the past (always with great fear and trepidation) but I've always done them manually, not programmatically as SharpKeys does.  I back up my registry each night.  So, I am assuming that if, for some reason, the changes I make with sharp keys "goes South" on me, I can simply restore my backup registry and all will be as before the SharpKeys update.  Do you know if this is a safe assumption (no guarantees, I understand).

Thanks for you help.