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Map to an unknown key (Meta)?

Aug 16, 2013 at 9:54 PM
I don't know if anyone here can help, but I thought I'd ask.

I don't like the Windows key, but I would like to turn it into another modifier key that has little/no effect in Windows and doesn't exist on my keyboard. Here is why:

I'm using Synergy with Windows as the server, and I need a Command key for my OS X box. The keycode for Command appears to be the same as that for the Windows key. I think I can set things up to be able to have both no Windows key (in Windows) and a Command key (in OS X), but I need the key code for a "Meta" key.

See, I can tell Synergy to remap for just the OS X client any of the (shift|ctrl|alt|meta|super) modifier keys to any other, but only those modifier keys (as far as I can tell). If I can determine what the "Meta" key code is (I think "super" is the Windows/Command key), then I can map the Windows key to Meta using SharpKeys which shouldn't have any affect in Windows. I can then map that meta key to Command for OS X using Synergy.

Since I don't have a keyboard with a "Meta" key, I don't know what code to map to. Can anyone help me out here?