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Simultaneous Keyboards remapped differently

Oct 6, 2012 at 9:03 PM


With RSI creeping up,  and split keyboards being overpriced, not to mention hard to obtain locally, I am looking for alternatives. 

An idea that appeals is to use TWO (USB?) keyboards simultaneously - with the keys on both remapped to obtain the standard QWERTY pattern in the center region.

Thus the keyboard on the left will have its QWERT, ASDFG, and ZXCVB keys remapped to its right side, while the keyboard on the right will have its YUIOP, HJKL;' and NM,./ keys remapped to its left side. etc. Physical keys will also be swapped to obtain a split-QUERTY like keyboard with extra unused keys on the outside on both physical keyboards. The two keyboards can now be placed as near or far as comfortable for each user. 

Unfortunately, I am not too sure how to accomplish this - keystrokes of both keyboards will have to be captured and treated differently based on which USB port they came from. Can this even be done merely by fiddling with the windows registry? Does Sharpkeys or any other keyboard re-mapper accomplish this?