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Shift Key Toggle

Aug 6, 2012 at 12:13 AM

Hello.  I work with another language that requires someone to activate capslk and then also hold down the shift key to access certain symbols.  This mode also allows me to access the original letters at the same time, thus is a good mode to be in all the time.  Can I make a key to toggle shift like we toggle capslk and have both capslk and shift "on" at the same time without holding any extra keys down?  I need to access the numbers keys for the special characters and need to keep changing which shift key I'm holding down.  It's obnoxious to have to access the number 1 key holding down the right shift key and then change to holding down the left shift key to access the number 9 key.  My hands can't flow with the pinkies hung up like that.  It would also be nice to have a single key that would put me in that state with both capslk and shift "on" so I can just toggle that and get busy.  Could I also make another keyboard file and use it as needed and restore the original keyboard file?  Then I could possibly map the special keys in a "normal" state.

Thanks  : )